Friday, March 18, 2016

Woodbine Breakfast Hop

Mary was feeling a bit better this morning so she headed to the club house to sign up for a yoga class. I decided to get some flying time in and posted on Facebook.  Jeff D responded that if I flew into Woodbine NJ, KOBI he would pick me up and we could go to the local favorite, Dionysus Restaurant.
It sounded like a excellent plan and OBI is far enough to count as a cross country flight. I turned on the preheats when I got up, knowing I was flying today so at least 08Romeo had a few hours to warm up the oil and cylinders. Soon I will be able to put the extension cords away for the spring and summer.
Cape Henlopen
It was another gorgeous day to fly! As I crossed the mouth of the Delaware Bay I could clearly see Salem's cooling tower billowing steam, fifty five miles up the bay. Approaching OBI, I entered the pattern midfiled for a left down wind runway three-one and made a nice landing, well...I did make a short skip then settled 08Romeo in.
Ferrys crossing just off Cape May
Jeff pulled up to the plane and we were off for some eats. This is a small town with a real comfort factor and the restaurant reflected that. Jeff and I were in airplane and airport mode when the Mayor walked in and joined our discussion, what a nice guy. Definitely something to be said for small town's what built this country.
We finished up and then headed back to the airport. Jeff had an early afternoon appointment and I wanted to get back home so Mary and I could run some errands. I did a quick preflight and got 08Romeo started.

I launched off of three-one and made a steady climb to six thousand five hundred pointing back towards the mouth of the Bay. I had a slight tail wind and enjoyed my view of the shipping traffic and ferry crossings. I made good landing back at Ocean City with a short taxi to the hangar. Another 1.6 in the log book and fun flying, I'm ready for the rest of the day.


Chris said...

I envy you some of the gorgeous days you've had to fly lately, Gary. Of course, it's gorgeous right now, but I'm sitting in front of a computer right now instead... What's wrong with me? Darn responsibilities... :-)

Gary said...

:) Responsibilities....necessary true, but a PITA sometimes. I'm trying to get a few last flights in. Start working from home Monday then off to the job site next week. We shall see how much flying I get to log since Mary has 'advised' it's beach time together on the weekends.

Chris said...

Ah...beach responsibilities... :-)

Congrats on your post-retirement gig, by the way.

Jim and Sandie said...

Glad to hear that Mary is feeling better. I sit here and just think about you flying off to somewhere just to have breakfast and enjoy your flying time. I think that is so cool. Hope the job doesn't interfere too much.

Gary said...

Thanks Sandie. Hope you and Jim are doing well. I read he was fishing...that's always a plus! I hope I can tolerate the work place after being off almost a