Sunday, November 20, 2016

Annual 2016 08Romeo Comes Home

I got the chance to sleep in a bit later. Sure I took care of the zoo but then climbed back into a warm bed. We finally put our heaters on the bed, ughh, winter is on its way.

No stops for food this morning, only a fuel top off for the rental once in Elkton. Roger was right on time and we got 08Romeo pushed out on to the ramp. I had wired the bottom cowl in place last night so I jumped in and primed for start up. 08Romeo fired up on just a blade, back to her old self. I let the oil warm at a low idle then did my run up and taxi test. Everything looked and sounded great, I shut down at the hangar.

Roger and I finished up the paper work and payment. Overall a typical annual for 08Romeo if you minus out the twenty hours on duct work and four hours for both mags to be inspected cleaned up and repaired as needed.

I returned the rental and they gave me a ride back to the hangar. The girl remembered me from last year and asked so how did you plane work go, annual right? Yes, you are correct, excellent memory. I pointed out 08Romeo as we passed by the ramp, she wished me a safe flight home.
I had 30 gallons of fuel on board, plenty to carry me and 08Rmeo home. Another detailed preflight followed by start up and taxi to runway three-one. I'm soon in the air and loving life! I follow the pattern and depart for home, headwinds all the way. Mary sent me a text, she's headed out to shop with our friend Pam, she'll  be home this afternoon. I responded no problem, I'll divert to Delaware Coastal for lunch and fuel then head home too.
I noticed one glitch once in the air and that was no input data on the 232 channel. I'm thinking the cable to the flight stream 210 was not reconnected. I'll check when I get home, it's not a major issue.
on the ramp at GED
I made a nice landing at Delaware Coastal, KGED and had a little bounce with the nose gear, tires inflated to 40 psi makes for a different feel than my 25 psi prior to annual. I had the fuel brought up to twenty a side and enjoyed a great BLT at Arenas. GED always gives a fuel discount if you eat there so it's a win win in my book. I made the last hop home and tucked 08Romeo back in her nest. We are both happy to be home and annual completed.

I crawled under the panel and sure enough the cable was not locked in, just barely hanging on. I secured it and locked down both nuts to prevent it from coming loose again, I'll flight test this week. I walked around the plane with my cleaner wax in hand, taking care of any finger prints and wiping up any oil that streamed out of door latches and locks. I cleaned all the windows, inside and out then hooked up the battery minder and plugged in the preheats, covering the cowl with a moving blanket.
Mary and I want to head to Biltmore to see the Christmas decorations so I'll get that planned. Hopefully a few runs in December before I put 08Romeo away while I recuperate from surgery, starting on January 6th, and lasting at least three months non-weight bearing.

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