Sunday, November 20, 2016

Annual 2016 Day 5

I'm really slow getting out of bed this morning but at least I'm not as sore as previous days. No Advil today, I'll see how I feel.

Nothing has changed, same crazy drive and still two hours. I did stop for fuel followed by a stop for hot cakes at McD's, they were ok but the sausage went in the trash. I got to the shop about twenty past eight and got right to work.
Since my duct work doesn't match any manual I decided we would install per the conversation with fellow BAC members. The plan is to isolate the fresh air from the heat which made things easier although the pre-cut duct work was like a puzzle with a few to many pieces.
This was a slow process, mixing and matching the custom duct work parts and a few modifications to make the system work. The fittings were tight and neatly done, I am satisfied. It was getting past that bewitching hour for me since I was not night current and didn't want to rush the ongoing work. I made a call to enterprise and let them know I would keep the car one more day. no sense doing a run up in the dark and forcing myself to fly home tired and not current.

Roger said he would meet me at the shop at 9am and we would do the run up and leak test. If everything checked out we would install the top cowl, finish the paper work and call it an annual.

I headed home knowing I had one more trip north to complete this mission. I'm tired of driving and seemingly not having a spare moment to spend with my Bride. At least we have dinner together every night.

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