Sunday, November 13, 2016

Reposition For Annual

on the ramp
With work being crazy busy and at a critical point in the schedule, I decided to push annual back one week. I made a call to Roger at Cecil Aero and he said it would be no problem.

My plan was to fly up Monday (11/14) and get 08Romeo pushed in the shop. I've been watching the weather and there are showers in the forecast which means I could get socked in here or make the flight and not be able to get in once I arrive at Claremont, 58M. Memories of my oil change flight and having to fly back home...(3 strikes, going home).

With gorgeous weather this weekend I made the decision to bug out early Saturday morning. This took some additional planning since I also needed to get my work truck, the Ranger, serviced. Mary and I ran Ranger over to the shop so they could have it as soon as they opened and I could get in the air early.
at 3000'
I loaded up my box of new duct work and some tools along with removing both back seats, headsets and anything else not needed for annual. I preheated 08Romeo so she was ready to fly after a quick sump and preflight.
The sunrise was beautiful, as always, and the air smooth. I posted some video on Facebook and despite the fun thoughts of flying in a knife edge configuration I rotated the iPhone to make for a normal flight north. Dover called me out as traffic to two aircraft so I gave in and picked up flight following. I was enjoying some 60's tunes but safety comes first.  I do like checking in as 'your traffic northbound at three thousand', at least they know I was monitoring.
I make my calls for Claremont at ten and five miles out, positioning for a straight in for runway three-one. Approach flaps and lined up I pull some throttle and ride in slow motion to the displaced runway approach. Second notch added followed by full flaps at five hundred feet and I float to the numbers, smooth landing with plenty of stall horn, nice.

I taxi clear and secure 08Romeo, getting the covers on the tail, nose and canopy. I'm running a bit early since enterprise doesn't open until 9am. I grab my flight bag, cold Gatorade and head over to the terminal to sit and wait. After a discussion with Enterprise I am told they can't pick me up until 10:30 that's just over an hour wait and I am only seven minutes away. I just about blow a gasket! After pacing the floor in disgust I walk outside for some cool air, my timing was perfect as I see Roger driving by. He does a double take and stops, asking if I have a ride. I said car rental coming in an hour, he said jump in I'll drop you off. I'm saved!

I rented a Jeep Compass, a  little more room and decent mileage for my trips this week. Mary and I decided that it was best to just use the rental instead of putting all those miles on my SUV. I may even get a room at the Hampton for a night or two, instead of two hours each way, every day.

I did manage to forget my EZ Pass toll unit so I figured I would hit the bank in the box for some cash. I made my way south along RT. 13 and even went over the old St. Georges Bridge, scary. I did manage to get cash and stop for one of my favorite breakfast sandwiches at Helen's....worth the drive.
My food high was quickly extinguished when I got a call from the shop that has my ranger. They advised the radiator really needs to be flushed and...ughhh...the timing belt has some cracks, they recommend replacing it. I bought the truck with 114k miles and I put nine thousand on it since April, change the belt. This annul is getting expensive and I haven't even started on the plane.

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