Sunday, November 27, 2016

Flight to Lancaster, Outlet Shopping

Mary and I planned to hit the outlets this morning so we were both up early and out the door.  My switchbox controller is not working for some reason so I had to drive to the airport Saturday night to plug the heaters in and decided to top off the fuel while I was there. So much easier just sending the text message.

I completed my preflight and we boarded the plane. 08Romeo had a full belly of fuel and was ready to go in the chilly temps. Outside air temp at three thousand five hundred, twenty-five degrees. The new heat ducting worked well. I had filed this morning but decided to keep that on hold, instead, deciding to enjoy the clear weather and make a direct flight.
I hooked up the 232 cable that was disconnected during annual so I wanted to test everything out today.  Still no luck, the GDL88 is not seeing the Flight Stream 210 at all, I think the FS is not getting power. The flight was smooth but we dealt with head winds traveling north. I was seeing ground speeds from 85 to 97 knots. I did pick up flight following with Dover since it seemed to be busy in the air today.
Dover handed me off to Philly and then Philly to Harrisburg. When on with the second sector of Philly I had traffic crossing at my altitude and was cleared to climb to five thousand, I also made a right turn to pass the traffic instead of crossing since he wasn't on flight following.

I checked in with Harrisburg and advised,I had the wx at Lancaster. I was handed over to Lancaster tower and gave myself a laugh. Lancaster tower, Sundowner 6708Romeo with Delta, full stop, going to alliance. The response, Sundower 08Romeo what's your location. I cracked up, what a dipstick, Lancaster tower 08Romeo is seven south, two thousand five hundred.

I made a sweet landing and taxied clear for Alliance Aviation. Our rental car from Enterprise, a jeep patriot, was on the ramp waiting for us. We checked in, secured 08Romeo then ordered fuel. Mary and I were quickly on the road to the outlets. The outlets are south of the airport on RT 30 maybe a 20 minute drive with traffic.

The Lenox store wasn't open until 11am and it was just 10:30.  To kill some time we both agreed on breakfast at Cracker Barrel. The service and food was pretty good for how busy they were. It was time to shop, we checked out multiple stores, marking each off of our list. I guess we didn't do to bad, everything fit in the plane. As Bob C mentioned on Facebook, Mary's favorite line is, everything ships!

We returned on an entirely different route back to the airport. What would we do with out the GPS on our phones. I settled up our fuel bill for 08Romeo and returned the keys to the rental.
08Romeo was parked exactly where we left her. The lineman said they might need to move her but thankfully didn't. Sometimes they exceed the turning radius doing damage to the plane and I had left my gust lock in.

We loaded up our packages and stowed the pitot tube cover and nose plugs. I checked the fuel and sumped since I took on fifteen gallons. Everything looked good to go so I climbed aboard to join my Bride. A few shots of primer and 08Romeo is ready to go. I let the oil temps come back up as I chugged and plugged on the 530, I miss the iPad FlightStream connectivity!
Glad to be flying - I-95 traffic
I picked up my taxi clearance to runway three-one and followed number two for departure. The lead aircraft and I turned in sync to perform our run-ups, like it was planned. I was ready to go and taxied for the hold short. A Mooney landed and then I was cleared to take off, make right traffic. Hmm...there was another aircraft they directed right base for two-six, just thinking situational awareness here. As I started my roll the tower instructed, make a left turn on course for traffic, I acknowledged.
We rode the bumpy tailwinds home at three thousand five hundred. Speeds were much better than the trip north, now enjoying 125-130 knots. As we made our way south the sun was reflecting off the top of the Chesapeake bay, it was gorgeous. We could clearly see the Susquehanna and the Elk Rivers feeding into the top of the Bay. Mary nodded off enjoying the sunshine blasting through the windows. I did all I could to position my Rosen visors to keep from getting blinded.
crossing RT90, 5 miles out
I picked up flight following with Harrisburg and was promptly handed off to multiple Philly sectors and eventually to Dover. I cancelled once south of Delaware Coastal (GED) and switched over to listen to traffic at Ocean City. I was number two for the field behind an Ocean Aviation aircraft doing pattern work. Everything flowed very nicely and I made a squeaker of a landing, acknowledged by the owner of OC Aviation when he came on the radio and thanked me for the perfect landing demonstration. Thanks Mike! I secretly thought to myself, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then. We taxied clear and headed for the hangar, it was a fun day spent with my Bride with some flying tossed in. Life is good!

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