Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Laps Were Cut Short....

It looked fantastic out this morning and the report from the "unofficial" AWOS at Brandywine reported winds 270 at 5 kts. Yeah buddy! No cross wind so get rolling. Mary and I went to the airport with the plan of lesson then eats at the DK Diner in West Chester.

I went through my pre flight and was ready to roll. I taxied 46C to the run up area and waited for a Cessna 150 to clear. Once he was rolling I taxied in to the far side leaving room for another C-150 that was following. Run up complete, I head for r/w 27 announcing my intentions to depart 27 and remain in the pattern. Final check at the hold short, fuel both and on, trim for take off check, flaps check, mixture full rich check and I'm rolling. Checking the wind sock (hey it's new) I notice a cross wind right to left or north to south. Rolling with some right bank and rotating to level at take off 46C jumps off the ground. vane time, I feel like I am on the barn roof!! Maintaining my heading of 285 for noise abatement I hear a call to 46C as I am about to call my crosswind. It's my CFI and he said after the first round bring it in, the winds are gusting now at 23 kts. I respond 2746C affirmative then call out my crosswind and downwind. I am really having to crab on the downwind to track correctly. Ok make ready for landing, fuel both and on, mixture full rich, landing taxi lights on. The voice in my head is telling me strong headwind and crosswinds flip flopping back and forth so keep the power with the headwind. Powering back to 1500 and adding a notch of flaps my speed and decent look great. Calling out my turn to base is easy, making the shallow bank and holding speed is the challenge. Wind is pushing me pretty good so I increase bank angle slightly running all the forum posts in my mind that talk about approach stalls while keeping coordinated. Nice, on final a tad high I add the second notch of flaps still getting pushed around I dip the wing right and add left rudder for a nice slip. Maintaining speed and decent I am making corrections to keep me on center of that 50' wide runway. As I cross the road and approach the runway end I add the last notch of flaps. Winds changing, holding it off, almost down, stall horn moans, hold it off (CFI is watching) stall horn talks to me again....I swear it said set me down, and I did with a slight chirp followed by a short roll out and the nose wheel touching down. WOW!! That was fun !!!!

I taxied back and tied down 46C giving her a pat on the cowl with a thanks girl good job. Bill is taking a new student out and going through the pre flight with her. She has that look, we all know it, excited anticipation. Bill said great job on that landing, nose was up very nice. I nod, wave and say thanks, making eye contact with his new student and hollering over to her to have fun and enjoy it!

I am up again tuesday for my solo XC but I think the weather will cut that short.

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