Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flight Schedule Gets Busy

The Instrument ticket is getting a workout!

October looks to be a busy month, at least on our flight schedule. It is soooooo nice not having to fly lessons, burn fuel or wear those foggles!!! Mary and I have a few plans for the month ahead. First up this weekend is a possible trip to Vermont with Mike B. Mike will soon be flying 08Romeo once all the insurance and legal hoops are cleared and he wants to get some left seat time in the Sundowner, heck he flies it better than I do. Ok, back on track, this weekend may have us heading to KDDH - William H. Morse State Airport in Bennington, Vermont. It looks like a two hour hop according to the no winds flight plan. We will be returning the same day, at least that's the tentative plan.
Next up is my trip to Windwood Fly-In resort. Mary backed out after I made the reservation so she will have some girls weekend here at home....yes, that scares me. I am still going to attend since it will be a great time to talk airplanes with all the other big kids. Rob S will be flying with me and we will have one of his daughters (Ally) on board too. It should be a fun weekend get-away. Next on our schedule is a trip to Cape May NJ for the Sunset Wine Cruise aboard the Cape May lewes ferry. This will be our second wine cruise and I'm sure we will be just as happy as the last trip. There will be wine tasting provided by the Hawk Haven Winery and hors d’oeuvres by the Island Grill. The plan is to board the zoo and spend the night along the ocean front at the Palace Hotel.
Next on our travel agenda will be a family function near Boston. The plan is to fly into KOWD - Norwood Memorial Airport located in Norwood, MA. A car rental to get around town for the weekend and good times with Mary's side of the family. We are still working out accomodations but the Crown Plaza Newton looks to be the choice. A few of the Purple Board forum members want to meet up so that will also be a good time. Mary and I always look forward to catching up with Adam B and the folks in the North East.
I'll update as we complete our travels and I hope to provide many photo's. I am going to start doing the video thing too, maybe on the trip to West Virginia. By the time November rolls around 08Romeo will be ready for her annual inspection and a very well deserved oil change and wash & wax.


Steve said...

Man, you're booked solid! I sure wish that Gina and I could be at Windwood but that'll have to wait till next year - or possibly 2012, depending on the wedding date.

Wilson Richards said...

That's awesome! I'm sure you'll enjoy your trip. That's quite a lot. I may not be available soon for those kind of flight trips. I'll be busy at work. But good for you coz you are able to enjoy flying!