Sunday, July 31, 2011

Breakfast at Kays

A quick turn and burn for breakfast at Kay's.  Kay's is located at the runway one six approach on the south side of the field, in the terminal at Cambridge-Dorchester Airport-KCGE.  I woke the princess and asked if she wanted to do a breakfast run or boardwalk run.  Together we decided on a breakfast run to Kay's and we would think about the boardwalk run over to Ocean City MD.
West view, Chesapeake Bay
We launched out of Wilmington and enjoyed a smooth flight at two thousand eight hundred singing with the country hits on xm radio.  I did monitor Dover approach and heard us called out twice before switching to the unicom frequency at CGE.  There were a few planes in the pattern for runway three four but they cleared as we made our way now just five miles north.  A Cessna called out a base entry, right base that's is, non-standard but I had a visual and followed number two from the left base entry.
The restaurant was busy but the church crowd hadn't arrived yet.  We had a window seat and shared the company of two hummingbirds at the feeder just outside our window.  Pictures you, I left my phone in the plane.  Breakfast was perfect and I topped it off with my first sweet tea since June first. How can anyone resist a mason jar of the finest sweet tea around?
Salem nuke plant
We saddled back up and launched for home.  It was already getting humid and the thought of walking the boards did not sound as good after a big breakfast.  Wilmington it is and I pointed north east at three thousand feet.  I tuned in Dover approach and heard Frank in his comanchee N833DF shooting a practice approach. I was going to say hello but Dover seemed busy.  Instead I checked in to request flight following and that way I knew he heard me.  I thought I heard Mike B make a call so I assume he was flying right seat for Frank.

Dover dropped me and I made the call to Wilmington  as I was getting ready to let down for pattern altitude. I was directed to make a right base entry for runway niner.  I acknowledged and flowed through my checks. Since I haven't flown in a while I made sure to verbalize my one thousand foot checks on climb out and at cruise. On the set up for landing I made the Gas, U should know (pattern alt VFR or first two steps for the missed IFR), Mixture rich, Pump on, Switches/safety (GUMPS) check twice, about three miles out and then again turning final.
We buttoned up 08Romeo and headed for home. The Aeroways fuel truck passed us on the ramp so I topped off the tanks to the slots, 20 gallons each side.  We made a stop for Maggie's dog chow and that's it, we are in for the day.  Good eats, fun time with my Bride and 1.6 round trip for some much needed air time.


Chris said...

Looks like a gorgeous day, Gary!

Gary said...

The temps heated up quickly but it was a smooth flight each way. Mary was in dreamland in short order, either a good pilot or my singing did her in, I hope it was my flying skills. Yeah right.....

Chris said...

I'm sure it was your masterfull crooning, Gary! :-) When the air is smooth, my wife falls asleep. When the air is bumpy, my daughter fall asleep. There would appear to be no happy medium - though I never considered serenading them!