Friday, June 26, 2009

Post Op Adventure Planned

I will be heading to the airport this morning so I can attempt climbing in the Archer. Mary will be with me just in case I get to carried away and want to start 679er and go for a quick ride. After my boarding attempt I am going to take my Bride out for lunch at a new spot I read about just across the state line in Pennsylvania. Is this the adventure you ask? No, just what's on tap for today, now as they say "the rest of the story".

Mary and I both want to explore the great state of Maine. So for our first trip after my surgery we are going to visit Stonington. Stonington is a town in Hancock County, settled in 1762 and known as Green's Landing before it incorporated on February 18, 1897 from a portion of the town of Deer Isle. Its name implies the great quarries, four of which were developed after 1870 and supplied material for many buildings in New York City and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Fishing and, increasingly, summer residences provide the mainstay of the local economy. Stonington hosts three nature preserves, the following two managed by the Nature Conservancy. The Crockett Cove Woods forest covers 100 acres where thick mosses shroud the granite boulders, and old man’s beard lichen veils the trees. The area has a self-guiding nature trail and good bird watching opportunities.The Wreck Island Preserve features open fields and some spruce. Once used to graze sheep the ground is covered with woodland flowers and grassy fields make up most of the interior.

Pilot Get-Aways did a really nice write up and that helped us finalize the plan. Our destination Airport is Stonington Municipal Airport which is a public airport located one mile northwest of the central business district, thankfully our hotel will pick us up when we arrive. The airport covers 12 acres and has one runway. It provides service to private and charter aircraft traffic only. Stonington is located on Deer Isle which is only reachable by auto via a long, narrow suspension bridge, that I will most definitely have to check out.

Here is a snip of the Pilot Get-Away article:

Stonington, Maine If you’ve ever considered visiting Maine, summer is the best time to make the trip. Authors Cal Thomas and Janie Phillips take you to Stonington, at the southern tip of Deer Isle. It is easily accessed by aircraft, and with dozens of other nearby islands, this is a kayaker’s paradise. Nearby Isle du Haut is home to the most pristine portions of Arcadia National Park, with 18 miles of hiking trails through forests, marshes, and shorelines. Other maritime adventures include canoeing, sail boating, charter cruises, and island camping. In the town of Stonington, Main Street is just right for strolling its art galleries, shops, museums, and restaurants, and the ocean is right beside you. You can catch the show at the Stonington Opera House that has a year-round schedule of concerts, films, and other performances. When it’s time to retire for the evening, you’ll have numerous unique bed & breakfast establishments or inns to choose from. In a place like this, you’d guess the seafood would be fabulous, and you’d be right—the freshest Maine lobster, crab, and other delicacies tempt you from restaurants situated right on the water. Pair your meal with a local microbrew, and you’ll understand why the locals love this town!

We already made our reservations for a four day mini vacation and I scheduled 679er online. The plan is to visit the Stonington area, then rent a car after taking 679er on a short hop to Hancock County-Bar Harbor airport to explore Bar Harbor. It will be nice to take some time off for us after all this surgery/recovery time. I will post more details and flight planning as the date gets closer.

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