Friday, June 19, 2009

Just To Say Thanks

I purchased a new headset (DC X11) for Mary to replace her David Clark H10-13.4s that she has refused to part with. Last year I replaced my very same type set with a new lightspeed zulu headset and I have to say the quiet experience is fantastic. The X11's are the same as my zulu's in that they both are ANR (Active Noise Reduction) headsets and both have the ability to connect music and cell phone without having to slip earphones under the headset earcup. That's right, no more messy wires dangling, instead, a clean cockpit and quiet comfort with added protection for Mary's hearing. We'll give the new headset a test run and see how she likes it. The clamping pressure on her head will be less and the new unit is very lightweight, all great features when in the air on long trips. The extra quiet will also be nice when she likes"cat nap".....while we get from point A to point B.

As a second part of this 'thank-you' I purchased a very nice Helzberg White Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet to give Mary as a special gift for all she has done to take care of me, drive me around (while I drove her nuts with my right seat driving lectures) and make sure I was safe during my hip replacement/revision recovery. My Bride has been there every step of the way, from the first full day (and night) of surgery to the physical therapy accomplishments along the way. I could not have made it without her. Mary jokes and tells people this was our retirement test, I'm just happy she hasn't held me under the water in the hot tub until the bubbles stopped........I guess this means we passed that test.

Thanks for being my best friend and Bride, I love you Mary!

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