Friday, October 22, 2010

Annual Inspection

08Romeo is scheduled for annual on November 8th at Cecil Aero. I will turn in a leave slip for three days and I have Veterans Day off. That makes for four days to get the plane completed and if I really need to, I can add Friday as a day off too.


I have considered upgrading to wing tip lights that will also pulse. At the very least I will add an additional light to the left leading edge and I may add the right leading edge lights too, however, this will require cutting into a perfectly good wing...... I just got that body shiver.

I will remove the wet compass and replace with a vertical card compass that also has a working light!

Replace the existing Collins VHF251 with a working unit that does not have feedback in the sidetones. I would really like to find a KX165 to replace the Collins Equipment all together.

I will do an evaluation on the Auto Pilot while the interior is opened for inspection. Depending on what I find I will schedule in the following weeks with Penn Avionics at Brandywine airport to get the AP issue resolved.


The only squawk I have is the slight feedback on Comm 2. I would also like to change the right main tire to match the new Air Hawk tire just replaced on the left side, but it still has good tread.

I guess the A/P is a squawk but I never use it anyway, or at least didn't require it until now flying IFR. It will come in handy when the work load gets busy.

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Steve said...

I absolutely LOVE pulsing wingtip lights, Gary - those have the be the best invention for improving visibility I've ever seen.

Also, check eBay (if you haven't already) for KX165s. There's about 15 units for sale on there right now.

I can't believe it's already been a year since the last annual but I'm looking forward to your posts about it - they're always great. Good luck with everything!