Friday, January 14, 2011

Dreams of Spring

Mary and I have already started kicking around idea's for a four day get-away.  While we have our list of destinations we want to visit, this trip is just a quick fix to help us make it to Spring.

We love Nags head but the temps are just about as cold as they are here in the tri-state area. We will have to push farther south to satisfy the need for sunshine and warm temps. While we are faced with day time temps in the mid thirties Jekyll Island GA is mid sixties, Daytona high sixties/mid seventies and Orlando about the same. Maybe a trip to see the head mouse is in order. We really enjoy Epcot and that may work out for a nice Valentines gift for each other.

Flight times to any of our southern destinations will require a lunch stop in Grand Strand, SC and a top off of fuel at KCRE which is just a bit past three hours from home. The hop to Jekyll Island would be another two hours from KCRE and into Orlando's Kissimmee Gateway Airport four hours from KCRE.  Flight planning continues.

It sure would be nice to leave the snow behind and relax at the Disney Beach Club or the Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort on a charming wicker beach chair and soak up some rays sitting on the white sand beach....Ahhhhh...Another captain and coke for me and an extra dirty martini for my Bride please.

UPDATE - Monday 1/17/11

The Beech Aero Club (BAC) is talking about a flight to the Bahamas prior to Sun & Fun. To quote my Bride....."We're there". Maybe it's the forecast for 1-3 inches of snow tonight followed by freezing rain in the morning. Whatever the reason, I'm sending for the sportys book 'Bahamas & Caribbean Pilot's Guide '. More to follow.....

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Geoff Nelson said...

It has been freezing here in Jacksonville, FL. I think your best bet will be to visit the mouse! Should be pleasant temps to roam the parks. Far better than summer. Jekyll Island is very neat, but I'd wait for spring or summer.

Wave when you go by. KISM is great for accessing the parks. Have fun!