Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Déjà vu...Snow Part II

Once again mother nature has some fun and dumps snow on the mid-Atlantic.  We are not the only "lucky" recipients of the white stuff, the north east is getting hammered!  I made the call to check the wx information and yes, I had a liberal leave day!  Liberal leave means take anything you want; sick, vacation or personal time.  I have plenty of sick built up so that's what I'll use.  Now that the fun part of the day is done it's time to drag my butt out of bed.  It appears I have another date with our snow blower, best dam Christmas present I ever got, thanks Mary. 

I quickly knocked out the driveway so my Bride could go to work, then did the sidewalks.  I loaded up my tools of the trade and headed to the in-laws condo to dig Mom out. After digging Mary's parents out I decided to take a shot and head to the plane. I had hoped I wouldn't need the snow blower.  I made my way into the Red Eagle parking lot, there were a few cars and trucks that had tracked their way in ahead of me. I switched the ML320 to low range and punched in my access code to enter the ramp.  I made fresh tracks to the plane making a loop around the ramp. Enough funtime driving in this stuff it was time to broom. I cleaned off as much snow as possible including brushing off the cover.  It was a no brainer, I had to head home for the snow blower.  I made a quick snack and drink stop at our local Wawa then hauled butt home.  It was a quick turn and burn back to the plane.  I guess I was out there for just under an hour in order to clear a path out to the taxiway and around the plane for pre-flight inspection.  I forgot to take an "after" picture.
I cleaned off the snow blower and loaded it back in my SUV for the trip home. Traffic was very light, no school today.  I pulled in and unloaded then decided to do the neighbors sidewalk and also did his driveway.  He went to work early and I figured I would get his done in case his wife needed to get out.  They have a pick up and a dodge durango so no real problem, I just wanted to help out.  This snow fighter is beat, time to shower and relax.

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