Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Hangar Time and Fuel Calcs

I headed to the airport today to check on 3 Tango Charlie and work on my fuel calculations. I screwed up on my last flight when entering and didn't feel like making the correction at the time.  I have my fuel totals and flight time figured out, but, it's nice to take advantage of the equipment on board. 

The airport was busy with traffic today; transients, owners based at OXB, and even some airplane rides provided by Ocean City Plane Rides
I now have my fuel quantity verified and entered on the JPI fuel flow unit. I'm all set for tomorrow. I will pre-flight and sump then get in the air to who knows where.  I'm thinking north towards Wilmington, shooting an approach at Summit - KEVY and then a quick stop and go at ILG. I also want to try out my new to me oxygen system.  We shall see what tomorrow brings...first I will have to get motivated and get my butt to the airport. 

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