Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lesson Scrubbed

My CFII canceled the lesson this morning after we waited an extra hour and a half in hopes of a better forecast. I would have loved some actual but I couldn't talk him into it with concerns for freezing temps with mist and rain showers. So, here at home getting ready to cook up some breakfast then hit the flight sim for a few hours of approaches.

KILG 151214Z 1512/1612 VRB03KT 2SM BR BKN005 OVC020
TEMPO 1513/1516 5SM -RA BR SCT005 OVC020
FM151600 07004KT P6SM OVC020
FM160100 00000KT P6SM OVC050

KMQS - Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Updated at 1:20 PM GMT on March 15, 2009 (9:20 AM EDT):
METAR KMQS 151320Z AUTO 00000KT 1 1/4SM BR OVC003 03/03 A3021 RMK AO2

KPTW - Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Updated at 1:02 PM GMT on March 15, 2009 (9:02 AM EDT):
SPECI KPTW 151302Z AUTO 00000KT 2 1/2SM BR FEW007 OVC050 05/03 A3022 RMK AO2 TSNO

KABE - Allentown, Pennsylvania
Updated at 12:51 PM GMT on March 15, 2009 (8:51 AM EDT):
KABE 151215Z 1512/1612 VRB03KT 5SM HZ OVC035
FM151500 VRB03KT P6SM OVC100
FM152100 VRB03KT P6SM BKN250

I'm up again Wednesday afternoon, then Saturday and Sunday. I don't really feel the best as far as learning and absorbing these days but I have to keep focused and drive on. The light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel and at least I don't hear any train whistles or horns, that's a good thing.....right?


Rob said...

Bummer. I was covering the preschool class today at church and hoping you were up getting some actual time before your checkride.

I hope that one of those upcomming lessons is your Mock ride with someone other than Brian. I think you are ready for that and it would be benefitial to get that done.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog of the IR training. I fly out of ILG too, who is your instructor? I think we might have had the same one.

Gary said...


I fly out of ILG. The Archer is tied down at Red Eagle. My instrument training is at Brandywine (OQN) through TAS. My instructor is Brian. I called Dell at wilmington and may switch over to him if I can't get a mock check ride scheduled soon.

AdamB said...

Keep at it Gary. You'll do fine.
Probably a good idea that you scrubbed, too much risk for icing with those temps and ceilings with very little in the way of outs.
I did all my training in March so ask me how I know. My instructor wanted 45F surface temps to even think about entering any cloud at ~3000'.

Anonymous said...

I feel your frustration. Been there! Don't let it take root. Chiiiil. Let the force (ah, IFR knowledge) flow.

You've got time, and it looks like your are doing just fine. I'm confident you can get it done before April 9.