Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Change of Pace

I've made the decision to fly the remaining few lesson/flights out of Wilmington. I asked a friend who I fly with on occasion, which has been way to long since our last flight, what he knew about a local DE. I got a good report about the Examiner in question and this conversation led to our discussion about my current lesson status. I didn't have to say to much since he follows the blog and my frustration is obviously quite evident. I explained that I'm just not having fun in the air working on the instrument rating.

We chatted about some flying and then talked about an instructor that might be able to help me out. It's been a thought to get a second opinion about my flying so I asked if he would put us in contact. Tonight I got a call from the new instructor and it was a very enlightening exchange. We discussed my progress, my lessons, flight time, he asked my thoughts, what I was looking to accomplish and what he thinks it will take to get there. I liked everything I heard and his approach and attitude even better. We fly Friday for an evaluation and then will decide the best course of action at that point.

I must say after our chat I feel excited once again about flying and knocking out the check ride. It's going to be a crazy ride from now until April 9th so stayed tuned!


Steve said...

I think this might be just what you need to get over that last hump, Gary. Good luck with the new CFI!

ddf said...

The amount of time, effort and money spent on this avocation is unbelievable. There is just no way to justify it...unless you are having fun.

Anonymous said...

Gary- I wish you luck with this new guy tomorrow. The pressure must be mounting to get this "done". I'm sure that just feeds the fire of angst.

We've all heard that the right instructor is key to great training. I hope this new guy is a good fit for you.

Gary said...

Thanks all!

Yep, a change of pace and face, I'm feeling better having made the switch. I have a physical torture, I mean therapy test tomorrow as prep for surgery then some flying later on this afternoon.

Bob, the pressure is on but I'm not sure whats working harder on me right now. The flying, the surgery or the fact I'll be grounded for a couple of months.