Thursday, August 26, 2010

Additional Pilot

Tonight was a fun flight, all 1.5 of it. Mary and I asked Mike B if he would like to fly 08Romeo since 25Uniform looks to be sold. The paperwork end is rolling for insurance and Mike wanted to get some left seat time. It was also time for a formal introduction to 08Romeo. I know he has flown right seat for many hours and shot approaches too but tonight he was going to be hands on. To some it may sound funny but for as many pre-flights that we do, each plane has its own special items of interest. It felt strange for me too, my first time in the right seat sine we purchased 08Romeo.

The ramp actually had some life this evening. I bumped into CFII Tom as he was going out with a new to him student. Tom passed on his congrats on the Instrument ride and we all talked about planes, what else, right? We finally saddled up and Mike went through the check list. I should mention here that while Mike asked for me to show him how to fly 08Romeo I responded he would fly it better than I do, and he does, from the right seat. I was going to work radios as we always split the duty, which always make for good CRM. Like I said, it was busy tonight. Two jets had landed, a C130 was rolling for take off, we sat number two at runway two seven, Tom was sitting behind us number three and the blue/white Archer from the Red Eagle ramp number four was also ready to go.
We launched for the "practice area" and after a few clearing turns went through some slow flight, steep turns and took some time getting familiar with the cockpit layout. Mike, as always, was on the money as he went through the basic flight maneuvers making it look and feel as smooth as could be. When that fun was completed he plugged the GPS 35 approach for Summit, KEVY. As if on rails we rode the GPS approach in for a full stop landing, exchanging traffic position reports with the local CAP flight on our way in. Next up was Wilmington for a few rounds as I picked up with Philly approach for the GPS two seven. Direct Woodstown it was as we made our way home. I was having fun taking in all the view and lights while eyes out looking for traffic. Mike was under the hood for this round too. Philly gave us direct KAHOE which changed the traditional "T" entry from the GPS approach. Mike had us squared away and soon locked in on final. Another smooth landing, making it look really easy followed by another round. The tower advised left traffic for this circuit and off we climbed into the night.
Our last landing for the night was a another greaser, what a great job. 08Romeo is going to wonder why I can't be consistent like that. We secured the plane and headed out for a late dinner at Eats. Good conversation and flight review with a few added items to my learning bucket. I may bag a few hours of work tomorrow to get 08Romeo washed for our Beach day this weekend.

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