Monday, August 09, 2010

Signed Off for Check Ride!

I met with CFII Tom to give the paper work a once over and make sure all the t's were crossed and i's dotted. I'm scheduled for Thursday August 19th at 9AM for the Ride!!

Aircraft Documents
  • Airworthiness Cert.
  • Registration Cert.
  • Rating Limitations

Aircraft Maintenance

  • Logbook records, AD Compliance
  • POH
  • Weight & Balance

Personal Equipment

  • View limiting Device
  • Current Charts
  • Computer/Plotter
  • Flight Plan
  • Flight Logs
  • Current AIM, AFD, IAP's

Personal Records

  • ID
  • Pilot Cert
  • Current Medical
  • FAA Form 8710
  • Knowledge test report/review
  • Logbook with endorsements
  • Examiners Fee $$$$$


Steve said...

Awesome Gary - good luck on the checkride!

I do have to believe you'd prefer $$$$$ be next to the name of the restaurant you're taking Mary to tonight, though.

Geoff Nelson said...

Good luck. Just remeber to relax and even enjoy the check ride! You know how to do it so just go out and fly it!

Mike Bennett ( said...

Best of luck Gary. It's show time! Enjoy and as always aim for perfection and you will do fine.

Unknown said...

Good Luck!