Saturday, November 09, 2019

Breakfast Hop with my Bride

Mary and I decided we would head out for breakfast today. The plan was to make the forty-five mile hop for good eats to Cambridge MD.

3 Tango Charlie was fueled, preheaters plugged in, and turned on with our Switchbox. We were ready to go.  The temps today were 34* but the sun was shining and there were no winds.

I launched off three-two, climbing out to three thousand feet and pointed west.  As we crossed over Salisbury, KSBY, Mary and I really enjoyed the view. Temps at altitude hovered around twenty-five degrees and we both felt a bit of chill blowing in the cabin.  The rear overhead vent were open, it was very noticeable.

I made a straight in for runway three-four and greased one on. I'm really getting the feel for holding the nose of until the speed bleeds off.
We sat and had lunch since we just missed the breakfast cutoff at 11am. BLT's for the both of us with fries and a sweet tea for me really hit the spot.  Obviously we had missed the morning rush so we enjoyed the quiet time.

The hot start monster reared its ugly head and after multiple attempts the fan finally turned.  Frustrated doesn't even begin to cover the hot starts. I set up the GPS, reversing this morning's flight, and taxied out.   Distracted  by my frustration I actually announced holding short for traffic on final three-four (for runway one-six) and Ocean City (for Cambridge).  Holy smokes! I've lost my marbles. I corrected my call as I rolled for take off with Commander 3 Tango Charlie "actually" departing one-six Cambridge. The light sport behind me said " yeah, like I haven't done that before."  I  laughed as I wished him a good flight.

It was a bumpy flight home followed with another greaser landing into OXB.  Mary and I had fun time.  We are looking forward to our flight to Newport News next weekend to attend the Clint Black concert.


Jim and Sandie said...

I'm just slowly getting caught up on blogs so I have a question. How will you fix the hot start monster? It really is wonderful to see you guys back in the air and able to take your jaunts.

Gary said...


It reminds me of the special techniques we used to start the older cars. A few pumps of the gas or not, depending what it liked. Well, it seems the same with 3TC. She has her moments, or I should say I have MY moments. Some days she starts right up, others, it takes multiple tries. It's frustrating. Still so much to learn.