Thursday, March 18, 2021

Plans Sometimes Change

Mary and I sat down and planned out our next four day get-away, Laurel, Mississippi.  Since we both enjoy HGTV, and loved our visit to Waco Texas to visit "Fixer Upper",  Laurel and "Home Town" needed to be the next destination crossed off our list.
Preplanning began one week out as I studied the weather patterns and long range forecasts. Reservations were secured at the Hampton Inn and Suites just five miles out of town.

The Weather Watch
It's a No-Go

We could depart on Saturday and I think that would be fine for the trip south, however, a return home mid next week would present the same potential winds and rain.  Just glance at the left coast fun that is going to head our way. For now it's a no-go and we will plan again in May or just proceed as planned for our west coast swing with Laurel as the first stop in September. 

Flying is supposed to be fun, and I don't get paid to do this. I'm fine being a conservative minded pilot and not pushing the envelope of safety and comfort. 


Chris said...

“The [plans], they are a’changin’!” Looks like you’re making a good choice to me. Especially if you expect Mary to get back into that airplane ever again! 😉 March and early April are tough. You can’t count on the weather doing anything.

Gary said...

I think it would have been a very rough ride until well south of Norfolk and that's not going to work for my bride. Like you said I DO want her to get back in the plane, and this is for fun. We will reschedule soon.