Thursday, June 30, 2005

At the Controls

WOW! Lesson No. 1 in the books with .9 hours in the log book. After following all the checklists I was soon taxing out. I really think the flight sim helped with being ready for instruments in the cockpit. I took the controls shortly after takeoff.........we reviewed procedures and checklists and I got an explanation of gauges, throttle and mixture settings. Lesson one included trimming out the aircraft, turning left and right, decents and climbing. I really did surprise myself with nice steady 15 to 20 degree banking and holding altitude very steady. Holding the controls felt great, nice and gentle with an easy grip. We located the Airport (KMIV) and headed back, crossing the field at 1500 and turning back to enter the downwind of RW 28 at 45 degrees. Dave (instructor) took control as we turned base then final for our landing. Once on the ground and clear of the active, I taxied while reviewing the checklists in my head as we neared our tie down on the ramp. What a fun flight and it just made me want it even more !!! I am sure I missed typing all the specific details discussed and may have left out a checklist or two. ( Dave was very detailed) It was busy in there for this first timer while still trying to soak up all the precious seconds of seat time. Already looking forward to next weeks lessons.

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