Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Climb & Decents

Why is it that every time I'm up to fly the wx turns to crap? Oh well, I guess it helps build character. Pre-flight inspection found no problems. Time to contact FSS at KMIV......"millville radio, Cessna 80121..." Ok, info provided has runway 28 as the active, one aircraft just landed and taxing along with one ready to go on 28. I taxi out and take Bravo to R/W 28 where I am no. 2 in line for departure. Run up completed, Ok I'm up....Departing traffic clear, checking pattern downwind , base and final all clear (never can tell when folks like to drop on in un announced)..."Millville Radio ...80121 departing 28" throttle full (Dave reminds me), feet comfy on rudders heels on the floor, here we go. Take off roll straight, nose up at 55 knts and off we go at 70.....smooth today....although I need to keep that right rudder pressure to compensate for the torque or I'll find myself turning (Dave is so patient). I am instructed to climb out to 1500 and turn to head south to the "designated" practice area. I am slowly learning the terrain...sand pits, marsh and Port Norris out on the coast. Today is review day, medium and steep bank turns, climb and decent procedures and I am introduced to slow flight. Review of the turns went ok, I needed a bit more nose up on my steep turns to hold altitude. I am also finding out I turn better one way then the other including roll outs. Time to head back to Millville. I enter the downwind at a 45 and turn to a heading of 100 as I prepare (checklist) for landing. Carb heat on, throttle down to about 1600 rpm's looking to maintain 65 knts and then add a notch of flaps,
remembering that trim is my friend. turning base so far so good, turning final then adding flaps, maintaining altitude with power speed with pitch....its getting busy.....as I am about to cross the numbers I make a correction with aileron to align myself, i think its more of a reaction, that need to steer/drive the car mentality. Dave corrects me taking control and emphasizing rudder....align with rudder. My mind is back in the cockpit.....knowing I blew that one but still needing to get on the ground. Ok....rudder pressure to align....looking down the runway
remembering landing square on main gear......nose up.....nose up....bleed off speed....waiting for that stall indicator.....ahhhhhhh gravity is my friend as we slowly drop to touch the nose wheel down. "Millville radio...80121 down and clear 28".....I go through the checklist and taxi back to our tie down location. Dave is so supportive, tells me good job, secure the aircraft and he'll see me inside. I tie 80121 down walking around with my brain still going through that landing. Ok got the numbers on the clipboard, headset in hand back to the office. Dave asked how the lessons were coming along with the DVD's. I'm on target starting lesson 4 this week and I said that's after I REVIEW lesson 3. He smiled and said don't be so hard on yourself your doing fine. I guess so, just thinking of that landing and those wings....geezzz I have a new respect for watching people land.

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