Saturday, October 29, 2005

It's all coming together...

It is really nice out today. I called for wx at KPTW and 40N winds 340 - 360, 11-14G. Geee I can't wait to battle the crosswind Gods again. All I can picture in my mind is that old movie Jason and the Argonauts with the Gods blowing his boat everywhere ad out of control. Well I guess I can take the wind just hope I don't have to fight those skeleton guys. A busy day today as I prep for Las Vegas. Drop off the truck at Benz for service, drop off the 3 cats at mom-in-laws for the week and the last minute shirts at cleaners, materials for the guy doing the remodeling of the living room (fireplace install) and powder room (all new from the tile up). I decide to really enjoy the day and take the 81 vette out. Ahhhhh.....sure do miss driving her on the week ends. I pack my flight bag and off we go. Arriving at N99 a bit early I get to hang out and listened to the chatter in the office. Some guy talking about best ground speed indicated on the GPS and such. Bill gets in with another student and I get the clipboard and keys for 46C. Preflight all good to go and we saddle up. Today Bill asks if I would like to do some touch and goes at 40N, Chester County G O Carlson or battle the crosswinds at home. I'm feeling pretty sporty after driving the vette today so I offer to stay at home , battle the crosswind Gods and get used to the home airport. Bill seems glad that I took the high road, to home. We are off for the first of many T&G's today. Bill advised that he will be the silent passenger today, remember smooth for the passengers and in control. I had really nice smooth control today, nice slips, good touchdowns and roll outs. I did have to back taxi all but once. On my last landing I did loose some airspeed and start to drop on in which I was in control but applied a bit to much back pressure. I nosed up but got it back in place and put it down ok, with right rudder
to get me back to centerline. All in all a great day ! I am starting to feel like I belong in that seat. I am working on looking outside and not fixating on the instruments. I fly smoother when not checking instruments as much and I fly ahead of the plane vs chasing it when my head is inside. Things I need to work on but I finally feel it is coming together.

That's all for now.....I'm off to Vegas. I will be flying monday from 10-12 for a sight- seeing/lesson and then taking the helicopter tour off the canyon with a brunch on the canyon floor on Wednesday. If we have some time I am going to Boulder city to take the thrill ride....yep, loops, rolls and hammerhead stalls I gotta do it !!

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