Friday, January 27, 2006

PIC Time....

After a successful procedure in out patient surgery for my lovely bride, I was excited about the perfect weather and a chance to fly. Mary and I returned home around noon, stopping only to grab some lunch at the (local)famous charcoal Pit.

I phoned to schedule flight time for some solo work at 3:30 this afternoon and secured 2746C. It was a strange feeling today all by myself. I completed my pre-flight and taxied out to the run up area. With my run up complete I taxied to the r/w 27 hold short and went through the last checks before announcing my intentions. Fuel both and on, trim set, mixture full rich, flaps up. Checking the base and final for 27 I call my departure on 27 and remaining in the pattern. Off I go rather quickly with a gentle headwind, turning to a heading of 285 for noise abatement and a continued climb to 1200. Turning cross wind and announcing position I suddenly spot a low wing below me transitioning from the SW to NE. It all happened so fast, I cranked my head and neck around to get a better look and see where he was going while maintaining a cross wind to downwind turn. I am now heading east as I watch him turn out from Brandywine. I settle down and get to the task at hand, fuel both, mixture full rich, flaps up, landing taxi lights on. Ok, almost abeam the numbers and I notice two aircraft waiting at the 27 hold short but I don't hear a thing on the radio. I continue with my turn to left base and final, keeping a sharp look out for traffic on final or aircraft moving into position for take off. I am now thinking I have no Comm 1. Short final, speed a little fast, trying the radio a last time to call short final. While cutting power and raising the nose slightly to loose some of that speed I managed to come across the numbers with only 20* of flaps. GRRrrrrrr......a bit fast around 70 kts, roundout nice.....and an ok flair. I touch down and get a Little bit over zealous with the rudder corrections and I hear a series of chirps as I move to align myself. I get slowed down just past my taxiway so I call a back taxi to alert others waiting. As I clear the runway I dial in 123.075 on Comm 2 and again call clear active. I finish my after landing checks and request a radio check. Another instructor at T A S responds loud and clear.

I head back out for 4 more rounds of practice. Each landing was better then the last, with speed right on 60-65 kts, touching down just past the numbers and having to give a touch of power to roll to the taxiway. After clearing the active I checked my watch and decided to end on a positive landing. .9 hours in the book and I'll be back at it Sunday if weather permits.

I am not sure when my next lesson is scheduled maybe a weekday if not next weekend. Mary and I will be attending the Lancaster fly in tomorrow. Well, for us it will be the LNS drive in :). I am going to have my hand held with us to hear the flights inbound for the event. I am off to print the list of attending aircraft with tail numbers !!!!

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