Sunday, April 30, 2006


Today Mary and I met up with a "Pilots Of America" fellow forum member FlyersFan31 (Andrew). Andrew was kind enough to fly into N99 to lets us have a look see at his Sundowner. Mary and I have been talking about joining a club or a partnership. The option to own is a dream we have but not sure if that is the most cost effective route.

today's visit pretty much cemented the idea of ownership. The Sundowner was on the top of my list due to the two door and roomy cabin. Andrew's plane was spotless inside and out and the roomy question was answered when we investigated. More on the quest for ownership at a later date...(stay tuned)

My lesson started out with the flight check as all lessons and flights should. The active today is runway 9 and the winds have been changing direction and speed. We headed out to the practice area and I practice clearing turns, slow flight and follow up with stalls. I was running between my two alignment points of the pottstown cooling towers and ridgeline between smoketown and chester county a good east west run for the work. Once completed I was told take us home. I dialed in MXE direct to station and was pretty much headed in the right direction. Once I had a visual I turned East to follow Rt. 30 so that I could eventually turn south to cross midfield and position for a 45* entry to downwind runway 9. While watching out for traffic I was late throttling down to 1500 and getting the first notch of flaps in. I wanted to make sure I knew where the aircraft on final was and as he passed my 3 o' clock I announced a base, added flaps and got squared away to land. Bill announced a short field landing and I dropped my speed to 60 kts with the numbers as my target. I added the last notch of flaps in and was a tad nose high. I didn't trim on the 2nd notch of flaps as usual, I let myself get distracted from my routine by my CFI. I had to nose down and add a touch of power to get in and set down short and sweet.

I taxied off and followed my checklist as we then discussed the distractions I had. Traffic joining downwind as I had just entered, an aircraft on a long final and then while I was on final trying to locate a helicopter landing on r/w 9. I did get an atta boy for scanning for traffic although he said at times he wants to cover the instruments. I was really good about looking out now when the foggles come off I am still inside.....more then I should. Ahhhh lessons learned as I continue.

Night Flight scheduled for Tuesday, Thursday and then some slow flight and landing practice Friday.

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