Sunday, May 28, 2006

Working out the landing kinks....

Since it was so nice out and I finished up the "list" for the house I decided to go fly for an hour. After my last lesson I decided to work on landings. I checked out 46C and got underway. First sign it was going to be one of those days. I taxi out and the windsock is favoring runway 9. Not really much movement at all but that should be the active. Of course all the traffic is using 27. I figure ok really no wind to really speak of so get in line and move on.

Run up complete and I am off to the hold short. As I complete my final checks I hear traffic on downwind and one entering at a 45 for downwind 27. I am just about set and the plane on downwind says Cessna at hold short we'll slow down if you want to take off. How nice, airborne ATC, ok just being a smart ass, I respond with thanks, we were just rolling out 46C departing 27 Brandywine.

Off I go, giving the windsock a glance as I pass noting a tailwind. Up and on my way climbing out at 80 kts and maintaining noise abatement. Turning crosswind and announcing with a visual on the base turning aircraft everything feels good. I know I heard a call from an aircraft on a 45* to the downwind but no sight of him, yet. As I am about to call my turn to downwind 27 the other aircraft calls his turn, odd still no sight of him. Pattern ALT is 1500 and I check to make sure I am there, I am. I decide to extend my crosswind as I spot the traffic, well below pattern altitude. First off I am a newbie up here so I try to maintain my pattern and entry points, this guys version of a 45* entry is not where it should be ( he needs a geometry class). This aircraft passes under me just out front and proceeds to turn downwind. With a big sigh I understand very well it's like driving on the interstate, I figure deal with it or don't fly. I now feel safe "knowing " where he is. I flow through the landing check list and watch the other aircrafts turn to base and as he turns final and we are abeam each other I begin my extended turn to base. I am looking good for speed toady and really want to focus on shortfield landings. I turn final as I watch the "other" aircraft taxi and follows with a call clear of the active. I add last notch of flaps, pull the power and make for the numbers. I feel the push now of that tailwind as I slowly descend to the runway. So much for the shortfield, I float on by my (shortfield) target point and finally set it down, now needing to back taxi.

The next few rounds go pretty much the same way with traffic still on 27 and a slight tailwind. I put 3 landings in the book, not that I am happy, but I needed to get myself squared away.

A final note that wraps up my flight today. As I am back taxing I hear a guy call out on the radio for a plane that is turning final on 27 that there is a plane "landing on runway 9" Well I about pucker knowing very well that he will be up my six in a blink. I speed up the back taxi and call clear of runway 27. The aircraft calls short final and I watch him land since I have stopped, went through my after landing checks and am moving towards the tie down area. There NEVER was an aircraft landing on runway 9, the guy in the Cub coming from the T-Hangars saw me back taxi and must have just turned on his radio. Thanks for the near heart attack buddy......Am I tied down yet?

I am sso close to my checkride I don't want to screw up my landings now. I was scheduled for Tuesday night but I have a baseball game so maybe Wednesday. I want to run through my checkride maneuvers again then get the oral test prep finished.

It will day soon!

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