Friday, June 16, 2006

Monday morning fly time....

MONDAY JUNE 12, 2006

I scheduled "fly time" today just to get that extra work in on stalls, emergency procedures (the process, not actual simulation) and short/soft field landings. I was off to the DQO VOR followed by a turn west to the practice area (about 7 miles south of 40N) Everything went smooth followed by a return to the pattern that I was sharing with another student that was taking his checkride the same day.....lucky guy and another student pilot working on landings. I had a fun time this morning working my way back into the pattern with the others and my landings were ok today too.

I hope to get some time in before vacation and maybe finally get the checkride scheduled. It seems to be getting farther away instead of closing in..........I am learning patience.....I think!

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