Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's Official!

Our membership in the Delaware Flying Club is official! I met Gary this evening and went over a few things and was given a set of keys. I will need to complete two hours of dual (instruction) to make a total of five hours dual in type before we can solo. The Insurance required this since I am a low time pilot. Mary and I are very excited and can't wait for that first overnight trip. Gary (Aircraft Owner) has provided us a fantastic opportunity to sample what ownership involves. I am looking forward to the annual in November and getting a little hands on and at the very least getting in the way and asking a bunch of questions.

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Neil said...

Hi Gary, Good to see another local pilot with a blog! : ) I thought it funny when you posted "On the way to Cape May"...I posted a thread with the same title and destination recently.

anyway, im sure i'll see you in the sky sometime soon...

-Neil (N57)