Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Flight Plan to KESN and more...

Mary and I received an invitation to join the folks at Big Sky in a trip to St. Michaels on Dec. 9th. Everyone will fly into KESN (Easton, MD) and we will have ground transportation ready and waiting. A bit of history, I started my lessons at Big Sky in Millville, NJ but due to work issues and my instructor needing some time off to heal injuries I made the move to TAS at Brandywine Airport. I still am very fortunate that I get to work with the folks at Big Sky at both KMIV and KWWD while managing projects for the Delaware River and Bay Authority.

Mary asked one of her girlfriends (Joanne) to join us on our trip. According to past trip accounts they have the shopping plans mastered......Hmmmm...I can't even use the ole weight and balance line since they both will eagerly ship packages home, without missing a beat. We're talking professionals here, these ladies know how to get the shopping done.

On to the flight plan. We are scheduling for December 9th to KESN and ground transportation to Christmas in St. Michaels. I think the group is heading over from KMIV around 9am but that will need to be confirmed. I am thinking about getting into Easton around 9am and get secured and ready to roll by the time they start entering the pattern.

Here is a quick look at the AOPA flight plan. We get close to the St. Michaels air space but nothing to worry about. Of course there is always the ADIZ lurking to the west.

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