Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Need Some Left Seat Time...

I have not been in the air since December 20th! Between weather and bronchitis I just haven't felt good enough to saddle up. With the bronchitis cleared up and my ears feeling normal I think it's time to get back to flying.

Saturday looks to be Brrrrrrrr.....COLD but somewhat clear. I think I will work on short field takeoff and landings. I am going to plan for a quick hop to Millville for breakfast then off to Cape May (WWD) for a few landings, then north for home at KILG. I don't think my Bride will go with the takeoff/landing plans but if she does decide we will just head to Cape May for a day of strolling through the shops.

Mary and I have been checking out places to Stay in Myrtle Beach, S.C. It looks to be under 4 hours not counting a stop in Williamsburg to do lunch with friends. I am working up a flight plan and checking out all the FBO and Hotel info. It looks like a mid April trip as of now but things can always change.

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