Sunday, November 23, 2008

December Flight Plans

December shapes up to be a busy month for flying. Yes, I still have my IR check ride to schedule and complete but I'm talking about fun flying. Mary and I had to cancel our Cape Cod trip earlier this month due to wx but it's back on the board. The North East Flyers are headed North to enjoy the Nantucket Christmas Stroll on December 6th so we decided to combine destinations.

The current plan is to fly into KHYA - Hyannis, MA arriving before 10am, check into our hotel then beat feet for the high speed ferry to Nantucket. Sounds like a great plan huh? I'm still working out the logistics. I can't see us running through the airport trying to get to our rental car then wheeling into the hotel lot for check in only to zoom back out to the dock to catch the ferry. At least I hope that's not how it works out, thus all the planning. I dare mention mother nature and the thought of frost on 679er that morning but there is always de-ice available from AeroWays FBO.
Ok, on to the plan. We will depart Wilmington around 7:30, Brrrrrrr it will be chilly! I can see Mary all wrapped up with her blanket and pillow falling asleep even before I pick up flight following with Philly. I hope to get cleared through the Bravo, if not I'll head towards the Pottstown VOR then turn right on course and cruise at 7,500 . I'll take up a heading to and above the New York Bravo airspace as I continue on towards JFK. I will head out along the Island crossing the Long Island Sound and once wheels dry over Groton, CT a north east turn towards New Bedford, MA. From New Bedford it's east bound over the "boot" and into Barnstable, HYA. This is where the fun starts. I will have a car waiting, it's a quick stop, unload our bags then off to check into the Anchor-In. Somewhere along here we will catch up with our friends flying into meet us. We will head to Nantucket via air or high speed ferry for a fun filled day of checking out the local attractions and of course shopping for holiday gifts.

No time to relax around here! The following weekend Mary and I will be headed to one of our favorite stops, Christmas in St. Michael's. This is a short hop, maybe thirty minutes to Easton Maryland. We like to rent a car since it balances out vs the taxi fare. The parade starts at 10:30 and the road closes at 10:15. I'm not sure my Bride has seen much of the parade since she is usually knocking out each and every shop along the streets. We always try to have a nice lunch in the local restaurants with a window view in order to watch the festivities. There is a little something for everyone in the parade, marching bands, horses, horse and carriages, car clubs, drill teams it's all in there. With the early sunset I'll have to make sure I'm night current or we'll be bugging out by 3pm. No matter what it will be a fun day enjoying the holiday season with my Bride and our friends.

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