Thursday, November 20, 2008

679er Arrives At 58M

I left work at 3pm and headed to the airport. The wx was looking terrible all day low ceiling windy just plain yucky. Around 2pm I walked back into my office (finally out of another meeting) to see blue skies and a scattered cloud layer around 4,500.

METAR KILG 201951Z 29010KT 10SM SCT045 BKN070 06/M03 A2988

I completed my preflight and saddled up for 58M Cecil County (Elkton, MD). I was cleared to back taxi and take off from runway one, all the while listening to an aircraft on 5 mile final. It's my runway now and I back taxi to about midfield, the three thousand foot remaining marker. I turn into the wind and have four thousand feet ahead, adding a notch of flaps I am wheels up in a hurry. Nice and steady, requesting a left turn out on course and acknowledge looking for traffic while climbing to my desired altitude for the hop, two thousand feet.

I never did see the initial traffic that was called out but did spot traffic at my nine o' clock five hundred feet above me, maybe two miles. This Cessna was flying the published missed approach hold so he was headed towards me for certain. I acknowledged the traffic and held visual contact as he sailed over the top of me while I descended allowing for plenty of room. 58M is only 13 miles and I can see the top of the Chesapeake Bay, my point of reference. The clouds are closing in as I tool along at 1500 feet now having to look through snow showers. I keep an eye on the fuel caps for ice or any accumulation for that matter, but thankfully there is none.

I announce my position for 58M then again as I cross midfield north east to south west and make a left turn to enter the left down wind for runway three one. Base to final with a nice landing listening to just a short moan of the stall horn. I taxi in and Gary (aircraft owner) motions for me to sit tight and gives me the "key turning" hand signal, I shutdown then hold them up for him to view and he moves towards the plane and pushes me back to the tie down. We both wander in the shop, Gary headed to the office to talk to Roger confirming our Monday morning start. I look at everything parked in the shop while trying not to drool on all the gorgeous aircraft.

Monday morning 8am start for the annual, I will bring the donuts (takes care of any dumb questions I may ask) and my Dunkin' Donuts hot tea. I'm already excited about taking part in the process, I hope to have photos to post each day.

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