Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Annual Day 2

I rolled out of bed at my normal time but at a much slower pace. The neck was a little stiff and the knees were aching a bit more then normal. I figured a really hot shower should loosen up the parts, it did, to some extent. I took care of the Maggie girl and with a kiss goodbye for my Bride I was once again heading south. I made my stop at Dunkin for my medium tea extra sugar and saddled back up for Elkton. Traffic was a bit heavier this morning but moving along at a good pace. I pulled into the airport right on Gary's tail and parked in the open slot where aircraft normally tie down out front of Ceicil Aero. We walked into the office and everyone had their morning coffee. I dug into yesterdays donut box to find the last Boston creme, now I'm ready to work! I also gulped down a Tylenol extra strength trying to be as inconspicuous as possible.

First task was to put 679er's pants (wheel pants) back on and Keith took care of that. Roger gave the firewall forward the final once over and wanted a few things done. I removed and replaced the shroud that covers the muffler since the fit was not squared away and got it right the second time now that the, for lack of a better term, clips were exposed. The band clamps tightened easily and that task was completed. Next we had to clean up some oil on the ducting that I missed after the oil change. I'm not sure how anyone saw that but I like the power plant area to be clean and I happily got it done. Finally after getting the all clear I helped Frank hang the bottom cowling. Again, thank heavens for battery powered screwdrivers! Next up was the top cowl and I carried that around to the front of the plane and made sure all tools were clear. The landing light needed to be plugged in and so we did. Up and over we sat the top on and she slid into place with ease. Gary and I completed the polish compound and wax up front then he completed the wheel pants, 679er was looking great! The only thing that we are waiting on is the ELT battery. It's due to be replaced in January but figured why wait, it's nice and warm in here, who wants to do this stuff on the ramp in winter weather. The UPS guy should be in between noon and three so we shall wait on that delivery.

Time to open the hangar doors and push our girl out on the ramp for a run up and leak test. Gary climbs in while I watch and listen, I'm counting the pumps on the primer and going over my pre-start checks in my head even thought I'm outside looking in. After running at idle and gaining some temp in the oil Keith and Gary raise the rpm's and hold there. After a short time they shut down and decide the idle level is to high and make corrections. There are no leaks, everything else is looking great. Once again they fire up and follow the same procedure, the idle is much better this time around. We shut down and push her back into the hangar. I load up our storage box in the baggage compartment and we gather the tools that belong to Gary. Last item was to add one more quart of oil to bring the level to seven, I take care of that. Gary paints the back of the prop black to eliminate any glare and we close up 679er for the day.

The plan is to ride to Elkton with Gary in the morning and fly 679er back home to Wilmington. Once back home I'll top the tanks and get ready for my 2pm lesson. Oh yeah almost forgot, I get to check in at Brandywine Airport with Penn Avionics for the Century II AP check out and a price quote for the S-Tec altitude hold add on. I also get to add the music input to our intercom system since it is set up for it and only needs a plug to be mounted, Mary will like that. Thanks for reading along and sharing my very first annual that I got to participate in, yep got my hands dirty and had all those good shop smells on my clothes....insert the Tool Time, Tim Allen grunt (It's a man thing).

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Rob said...

Did the GPS database get updated as well during the Annual? Good time to take care of it since it was down a few days.

Looks like you had a great learning experience,... Be alert on the flight back to ILG.

See you in a few weeks!