Saturday, November 08, 2008

IR Ground School Lesson

If you follow my blog you will notice I posted this morning about weather conditions forcing me to cancel my Instrument "flying" lesson. After trading a few text messages with my CFI Brian we decided on a review and sign off of my written test and some oral test prep in the same time slot.

Mary and I went out for breakfast then dropped off Maggie mutt for her hair and nail appointment. The folks at the groomers love having Maggie wander around the shop since she gets along with everyone. I packed up my oral test prep study guides and the written test results and headed to Brandywine. Brian was just finishing up with a student when I walked in so I took a seat and listened as they planned some ground school time. Ahhh the memories, glad that PPL stuff is old news. At least the IR is fun, the PPL was work!

We sat and reviewed the few questions I missed on the written and then reviewed some questions Brian previously gave me to answer. I had fifty questions that he suggested I email so he could check and not cost me money reviewing in person. I asked a few questions that I had concerns about and then we talked about actual instrument operation. It was pretty neat opening up a turn indicator and learning what really makes it tick. Next we investigated a heading indicator followed by an altimeter, neat stuff. Brian said I'll need all this for my commercial anyway and that he wished more was required for the instrument rating. We sat and reviewed for two hours yet it seemed like we had just sat down.

I'm up for a flying lesson Tuesday at 9:30, I'm so close to making the check ride schedule call. I might use a school plane since 679er is going in for annual Thanksgiving week.


Brandon said...

Hey Gary,

I was just checking out your blog. I was also wondering if you have had any IMC time. It's a whole lot different than the hood as you may have already noticed. Anyway, keep us updated on how the ride goes.

I'm an instructor from Indiana. You can check out my blog at I've been writing a little about instrument material lately. Take care,


Gary said...


No actual as of yet. Another reason to utilize a school plane. Right now I fly about 10-15 minutes to get to the flight school (KILG-KOQN).

I checked out your web page and added it to my links. Thanks for posting and I hope some of the readers here check out all the great info on Flight Training Tips Online.


Brandon said...

Thanks Gary,

I'll post a link to your site as soon as I update it next. I have just made a post to my blog called "Practice Approaches" in IMC. I'd definitely check it out. Thanks again for the link. Good luck.

Brandon said...

Hey Gary, just wanted to throw in one more thing. Keep that Instrument Oral Guide from ASA. Not sure if you ever plan on getting your CFII, but it has an appendix in the back specifically for your II ride. Take care, Brandon.