Monday, October 12, 2009

IFR Certification

Questions are often raised about what is an "IFR re-cert", or "why do I need to have my transponder checked when I only fly VFR". ATC Controllers and TCAS Collision avoidance equipment works off of the transponder with the encoder to provide altitude and range information. If the Mode C information that is being sent from the transponder is incorrect, or if the altimeter is different from the Mode-C encoder, then Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) equipped aircraft will receive bogus information which could cause a problem. ATC uses the altitude information to keep aircraft separated.

The Altimeter; The single device that tells a pilot how high the aircraft is, and when to go missed on an instrument approach. There are many things that can cause the altimeter to be out of tolerance, Scale error, baro scale error, friction, case leaks, can give the pilot the "wrong" altitude. These rules have been in place for decades, and they are needed to keep the rest of the aviators in your airspace safe. New technologies are being installed into aircraft to provide a safer level of flying than we have ever known. All of this means that your airplane, and the equipment in it, needs maintenance. That maintenance is every 24 calendar months, or whenever a problem is brought to your attention. FAR 91.411
I picked up 08Romeo at Red Eagle Avionics, she passed with no problems. I got to jump in the plane and taxi around the airport before and after work. I would rather have been flying but any left seat time is fun!


Steve said...

I love, love, love, love your panel Gary!

Gary said...

Thanks! I'm going to pull the M1 Loran out and the non working collins DME above it and have the Garmin 496 panel mounted with the gizmo dock so I have wx and traffic.

The dual glide slope is nice and I like the positioning. I set my sportys clock in the blank space for fuel timing and an extra clock for timed turns and back up for approaches.