Monday, February 08, 2010

BAC Fest Draft Plans

Just killing some time tonight so Mary and I sat down to draft a flight plan for San Antonio Texas in October. I know eight months away but I was talking to the host of the event (POA's very own - The Old Man or better know for his web page, Flights of the Mouse) on the phone this evening. The main reason for the call was to say hello and pass a hug along to his lovely Bride Sandra. Immidiaetly following I kindly asked him to STOP sending all that moisture north east from the dallas texas area, I'm tired of snow. The other reason was to pass along a thanks for the mention in the latest BAC Talk magazine.

Mary and I started to plan our adventure. The early October plan is to attend the POA Windwood Resort fly in from Friday to Sunday morning. Stash the cool wx clothes and move the texas wx provisions closer to the baggage door and launch for the deep south. Our first planned stop, after topping the tanks across the ridgeline at W99 Petersburg will be at K20, Wendell H Ford Airport in Hazard, Kentucky for lunch and a top off. Is this the imaginary home of the General Lee? Who knows, we'll report back.

Next it's off to KJWN, John C Tune Airport in Nashville, Tennessee for an afternoon of exploring, an overnight stay and a full day of the Country Music capitol on Monday. Once we drag ourselves out of bed we'll saddle up for the short hop to KUTA, Tunica Municipal Airport in Tunica, Mississippi. We'll book a room at one of the local casino's rent a car and drive north to memphis to see Graceland and the home of the "King", hey, it's on my list of places I want to see.....thank you...thank you very much. After a day of taking in all the local attractions we'll head back to the casino's for some fun and much needed rest. Wednesday we'll depart Tunica and head for the BAC fest in San Antonio. We'll make one stop for fuel and snacks at 4F2,Panola County Airport-Sharpe Field in Carthage, Texas (cheap fuel/ not sure about eats). One last hop to San Antonio for check in and fun times.

Of course the wx will be perfect and we'll make all our scheduled stops and make San Antonio on time. Whats a week of fun without great wx to head back north east? The trip home will be , as they say, hammer down with one overnight and home on Sunday with Monday as the push day. Well, it's our fantasy trip plan and we had to start somewhere.


Rob said...

Sounds like a great trip you have planned out. A great way to see the country again, hopefully a little more leasurely than last time.

Gary said...

:) Yes, we hope to take our time and have some fun taking advantage of 08Romeo and maybe taking a peek what retirement will be like.