Sunday, February 07, 2010

Blizzard Feb. 2010

We got 25 inches of snow that started Friday night and ran through to Saturday late afternoon around 4:30. The winds were the real killer causing 30 inch plus drifts and just killer wind chills. I wanted to head out Friday and make a first pass but it was just to nasty. I got up around 8am Saturday and figured I would make my assault on the 18 inches or so that was blowing deeper every hour. I fired up the snow blower and what normally takes me 45 minutes including equipment clean up had me playing snow fighter for 2 hours. I was worn out and my face was as red as could be from the wind burn. Maybe a ski/bank robbers mask would have helped.
Mary had french toast sausage links, OJ and a hot tea ready and waiting, I needed that. We enjoyed breakfast and then hunkered down to wait out the storm. Mary cooked a big pot of Chili with corn bread for dinner and made enough for today's big game. When the snow finally subsided Saturday afternoon Mary and I headed out for a final clean up. There was 6 to 10 inches on the driveway and more where the wind did it's damage. The new snow was dry, unlike the morning shift that was wet and much heavier. The sidewalk and driveway completed, it was time to hit the showers. I passed out early and Mary said I was snoring like a freight train.....I didn't hear a thing!

Today I was up early to feed the zoo and check on the roads. We had some Ice from the rain gutter drainage so a few sprinkles of deicer took care of that. Everything else looked great! A few of our neighbors were starting to come out and they were just getting started on the dig out. Mary and I kicked back and relaxed through the morning then decided to tackle the airplane dig out. We packed up the shovels and brooms and headed to the airport. The roads were clear except for around the airport, they needed attention. We pulled up to the plane on a clear taxiway, very nice. I opened up the back of the SUV and got to the task at hand. Wow, this stuff was big chunks of ice and everything had crusted over. Mary asked, "why didn't we bring the snow blower?" Hmmmmm....good question, obviously a brain fart on my part. It took all of 5 seconds as we looked at each other and then made a beeline for the truck. We ran back to the house, loaded up the snow blower and immediately returned to the plane.

Mary cleared out around the tie downs and I attacked the windrow left by the snow plow. I guess we were out there for an hour or two. 08Romeo is missing Texas I'm sure, I don't blame her one bit. I can only promise we will retire in the south and she will have a hangar to call home. I asked Mary if she was still happy with the idea of owning our own plane.....she said I'm here shoveling snow right? Enough my Bride stated, we're a team.......Geezzz I love this woman!
Once we got home we let the dogs scamper around some and play in the snow, Mary snapped a few pictures.


Rob said...

Nice Gary! looks like the winds benefit your location with the snow. We had a good 8-10" all around the plane to shovel out, except between the mains where it was down to 3-4". I hope to get out this week or weekend for some air time.

Rudder looks right at home with the snow, while Maggie seems hesitant about the white stuff in the photos. Glad everyone is doing well.

Gary said...

Maggie had fun, she just needs to stay on a leash. Rudder, he's just crazy. He wouldn't go past the end of the driveway but once we let him in the street he went bonkers chasing after Mary and running full speed back towards me.

I hope to get out this week or the weekend if it's nice. Temps look like we will be pre-heating. Let me know what you have planned, we could meet up.

Steve said...

Wow, now that's some snow!

We got about 8" total at our house from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning. I went out and shoveled the really heavy wet stuff on Friday night and then took the snowblower to another 6" or so on Saturday morning. They're forecasting another 3-6" here tonight into tomorrow.

I imagine Stewart's going to be closed for a while due to how much snow is on the ground. Although it was a really narrow band where the heavy stuff fell out here so they may not have got more than 3-4" there. Sure feels like winter, eh?