Thursday, February 04, 2010

Flight Time

Today I went to the airport directly following work, no pass go, didn't collect two hundred dollars. It was hovering around forty degrees today and I wanted some left seat time before the winter storm hits tomorrow afternoon. I also wanted to finish up the nav light connection and get the one wire reconnected to the socket. I packed a power converter in the truck and my heavy duty solder gun along with the required tools. The battery powered pencil tip gun that I tried couldn't generate enough heat to burn a gnats ass. So my mission required a follow up visit.

KILG 041851Z 29010KT 10SM CLR 03/M11 A3036

I was plugged in and ready to go and no juice, sigh, the converter was dead. I buttoned everything back up and went on with my preflight. I figured an hour in the air was good for the mind and good to get some oil pumping through 08Romeo. I launched off of two seven and made a short run to Millville NJ. One full stop and taxi back followed by some VOR tracking back to Wilmington. I landed and taxied off for Red Eagle and put 08Romeo to bed. I used a 3M tape product to cover my fresh air vents that are located on top of the cowl just forward of the windscreen to prevent snow accumulation. With 1.1 hours in the log I gave a pat on her side and bid farewell to Juliet. She was left snug in her cover until we meet again......after the forecast snow storm.


Steve said...

Keep that snow cleared off the wings - it looks like you guys are in for a boatload!

Gary said...

Yeah...snow sucks! After I plow out the driveway I'll head to the airport and clean off the plane on Sunday.