Saturday, August 14, 2010

Practice Time - Solo

It was to nice not to fly so despite not having a safety pilot I decided to go through the motions for my check ride solo. No, not quite the same effect as under the foggles but at least working the flow coupled with the buttonology of the GPS helps in some way.

I headed to Millville and worked through an abbreviated VOR-A approach breaking off early to accommodate traffic in my area heading in for a full stop landing. Instead I circled left and fell in line number two to land on runway one four. Millville radio was really bad today. This guy has to be "double talk" as nicknamed by fellow pilots. He would not shut up. The Aztec and I made our landings and traffic calls despite the interference from Millville radio.

I taxied back for departure intending on shooting the ILS 10 approach but just could not deal with the radio nit wit. I was so tempted to just depart NORDO (short for "No Radio"). I knew better and Millville can be busy, besides, why add to confusion by not making the proper calls. I announced departing runway one four and was rolling. Millville proceeded to give me the full update even though I have been in contact with them for the last 15 minutes, then kept asking my intentions and call sign. I had enough and as I was just about wheels up I hit the PTT and said IF you just let me fly the plane a bite your head off tone. They got the message. I announced crosswind and radio requested my direction of flight. So I gave it to them, North East. I followed with a down wind call and was above the pattern heading home.

Back across the river and home to the great tower folks at Wilmington. I entered a right base for runway nine as directed and squeaked a nice landing. I'm ready for the ride, at least that's what I keep telling myself.

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Steve said...

Good lord, that guy sounds ridiculous! I've been reading your comments about him for a couple years now but this sounds even worse than usual.