Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wash & Wax

I had a few honey-do's I needed to take care of this morning, groceries, vac the house, tend to Maggies gimpy leg (she's doing much better) before I could even think about flying.   I guess the temps peaked around 56 degrees and the wind had picked up gusting twenty plus knots out of the north west. I decided to head to the airport and wash 08Romeo, she really needed a bath and definitely deserved it.

I fired up so I could taxi up to the hangar door and use the hose, also hoping that the hangar structure would block some wind. Well, the hose worked fine, the wind blockage, ah not so much.  I gave 08Romeo a good scrub and decided to use some Meguiars cleaner wax product to remove some of the water stains that my top cowl camlocks left on the bottom cowl.  Once I started I couldn't stop, I waxed everything except the belly and the roof from my first antenna forward and the section of tail that was out of my reach.

My thoughts of flying were now memories, I was to beat to fly.  I was dirty, had a good stink on and thirsty. I covered the plane, installed my new tail cone cover from and packed up for home. 08Romeo looked good, she really deserved the attention and I still plan on getting her detailed at one of the local shops.  I shopped around at ILG but everyone is way to expensive, I'm looking into a place at GED and another at Wings, LOM.  I crawled my sorry butt into the SUV after cleaning up the tools of the trade and headed home.  My shoulders are very sore and so are my arms and wrists,  I need to bring down the power buffer sitting in the garage so I can finish up!


Mark Brager said...

Gary....where are the pics of the sparkling,shiny airplane? I was out friday and sunday doing similar to our newly purchased N2201, some paint touch up and degrease the bottom and gear bays..Hope to get some flying in this week before heading to sun n fun next week. Your Wildwood pics are great.

Gary said...

:) Ok, I added the clean plane pics! Have a great time at sun-n-fun!!! Mary and I did SNF and a few nights at Disney-Epcot two years ago.

Looking forward to your write up following the first cross country in the new plane!