Thursday, December 15, 2011

More Kitchen

Honestly.....I hope to get a few more flights in before the new year!!

Kitchen progress:  Cabinets delivered and installation is 95% complete.  A few doors need to be hung and then the trim work starts. My Brother Joe will be leading the floor install on Friday since he did his floors. It will be an on the job learning experience for me. Counter top guy should be here today to template and I hope to have the counter and sink delivered/installed next week. I can see me now...Christmas Eve hooking up the plumbing!
Cabinets everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Who's gonna reach the top shelf in those cabinets?? AnnO

Gary said...

Not me, not Mary. At least not without the help of a step stool! :)

Geoff Nelson said...

Looking good Billy Ray!