Sunday, October 14, 2012

Airplane Utility!

It's not only nice to own a plane for saving travel time to a specific destination but even sweeter when you need a lift to solve logistics. I offered free flight time in 08Romeo to and from Ocean City in order to get Mary and I there to bring home our beach buggy/airport car. Instead, Mike insisted on taking the Diamond DA40. Who am I to argue?
The DA 40 will shave some time off the normal 45-50 minute trip and he can shoot an approach or two while I safety pilot for him. We scheduled for an 8:30 departure this morning from Red Eagle.  Mike was gracious in meeting us there since I can not get back in the West T-hangar gates when we come home. Yes, I work at this airport but I do not have access to the west T's. 
We departed runway one four and climbed out to five thousand five hundred. We faced quartering headwinds of 35 knots through the climb, tapering off to just 12 knots or so at altitude. Mike shot the GPS 14 approach and we had a pretty good crab angle on our way in. A super sweet crosswind landing with the right main touching down followed by the left main and finally the nose gear, textbook stuff.
Mike took on some fuel since it is just $5.50 self serve at KOXB.  I helped out then drove the airport car, our Cabrio, over to the terminal to pick up Mary.  We were headed north. Mike was going to have some fun with the tailwinds, at least until he let down for Wilmington then it would low level shears.
We made a few stops along the way, Lombardi's for lunch then Lewes, DE for the Bake Shop and Loyd's Market for Milton sausage. We also made a quick stop to visit my Brother and his wife but we missed them. They answered our text but we were already back on the road heading north.  A fun day even if it was ground pounding for the ride home.

THANKS Mike B for the hop, you're the man!!


Geoff Nelson said...

Very cool flight! My only complaint........I really want some pizza now! Thanks.

Gary said...

Geoff....and Lombardi's Pizza is one of the best!!!

The Diamond is a tight fit and I really don't like the center stick. The glass is way to distracting but I could deal with that. It's a great looking aircraft, good speed and avionics but it's noisy when you crack open the vents. Oh, and there are no sun visors.

Steve said...

Nice (gl)ass! :)