Sunday, April 28, 2013

Checkout Flight

After a great three days in Ocean City we decided to head north for home so I could get some flight time.  Typically we fly to/from OCMD but we needed to ground pound for one more trip to move some outdoor furniture.
After returning home I swapped text messages with Vince and made arrangements to pick him up.  08Romeo really needs a bath along with a spa day compounding and waxing her back to her beautiful shine.  We finished the pre-flight and saddled up for a short hop wanting to check out traffic and the Garmin 327 operation.
I also had the Collins nav radio freshened up along with one of the digits replaced.  The nav radio looked and worked perfect.  The mic cord was replaced and I had the clock power source moved to work when the master is on instead of always hot.
The 327 switched to altitude reporting as I passed 60 knots and went wheels up.  We climbed out on runway heading pointing to the southeast and Millville airport.  Next up was the traffic  check and the Zaon was squawking  from start up. Each aircraft was displayed on the Zaon screen and with a few changes on the Garmin 496 I could watch targets pass by with the +/- altitudes displayed, traffic finally restored!

A good check out flight and 1.1  hours in the log.  It's been a month since my last flight so  it felt great being back in the air.  Friday we hope to  start flying to the beach.  OCMD has Springfest so while Mary and friends shop I'll get extra flight time in with a possible breakfast flight to Cambridge.

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