Friday, April 05, 2013

Headliner Fix

before the bubbles
 Today I met with another company that does upholstery work on aircraft.  It's been a bit of a search to find the combination of price, quality and schedule availability, but today I believe I found the one. Mark and I met at the plane and reviewed my list of wants. As I had mentioned in a previous post my headliner started to bubble or pillow would be the best description.  It seems that the liner foam material has separated from the fiberglass headliner board.

My want list is is a new headliner, I don't think the old material can be reused.  Repair my passenger headrest that has a few stitches coming loose and two additional areas, one at each door where a seam is starting to come loose.
good before shot of the area, new pics (to follow) will show the problems
We closed the deal today and work will begin Thursday for removal. The work will be labor intensive with all the window trim needing to be removed to allow access to the headliner. I hope to provide some pictures along the way and get a look at the vent tubing that supplies cabin air to the six vents. The estimate is 2 AMU's, painful indeed, but I want to keep the plane looking great.

As soon as the headliner is completed I should be getting into the avionics shop, more updates to follow. Also, I am getting on the schedule for the start of season wash wax at the local FBO.  A crazy few weeks as we get ready for the busy beach season.

I should add that while all the airplane work is going on Mary and I will be getting the motor home ready to head south in a week. I'm ordering new complete awning systems for four windows and installing, that should be fun and a chance to invent new words and phrases. I'm also pricing out a washer dryer unit to be installed, no, I'm not installing that.  


Diggerdavid said...

Wow, new interior and a garmin 530 WAAS! Wow! So excited for you! Keep us posted!

Gary said...

Dave, just a new headliner. I'm still waiting to get the plane in for my transponder upgrade when red eagle calls. I'll reschedule the WAAS upgrade in the fall