Friday, April 12, 2013

Airplane Progress

I met with Mark from Topstitch Aviation on Thursday just to check in as he was removing window plastic and ultimately 08Romeo's headliner.   As I had mentioned the headliner was starting to bubble, it looked like there were pillows stuck under the headliner material.
 With the interior picked clean Mark was going to head back to his shop.  We briefly discussed covering the plastic trim parts with a leather like material to really give it a custom look but for the cost involved I rather put the $$ to avionics.  Maybe in the future, at least I added it to my want list.
Mark sent along a few pictures today as he makes progress removing the foam and leather headliner from the fiberboard.  I was surprised when he noted duct tape on the fiberboard, not a good fix for the headliner and not a good surface to bond to.  As we swapped text messages Mark confirmed he would fix the fiberboard and it should last another 34 years, I can live with that. ;)
While the headliner is out Red Eagle is going to get my plane in the shop to run the new coax cable for the Garmin 530 WAAS upgrade and install the Garmin GA 35 WAAS/GPS antenna. All this to make life easier and save some $$ not having to remove the headliner and trim again when I do the upgrade at the end of our beach season travels.  Dale at Red Eagle found me a yellow tag Garmin 327 and gave me a quote for the work.  I'm keeping the existing Collins transponder and tray to list for sale.

Serviceable used Garmin GTX327 Mode C Transponder, tagged with Form 8130-3, warranty will be provided by Stellar Avionics, 30 days.  $1195.00

10 Labor hours to Perform Item(s) Listed Above   $700

Miscellaneous Installation Items: Includes wiring, coax, connectors, wire braid, and all
other shop supplies used during the installation.     $35
Shipping  $27
Sub Total $1957.00
Getting a quote for the new coax and GA35 antenna, mic cord replacement pilot side, Collins nav radio digit replaced and unit freshened up and rewire clock to master.
More pictures tomorrow after 08Romeo is tucked in the shop.


Steve said...

Rackin' up the AMUs!

But you guys use the plane like it's meant to be used - I know you'll appreciate flying with all the upgrades.

Gary said...

It seems that way!

The main goal is to replace the transponder so the zaon traffic will work. From day one with 08Romeo the Collins transponder gave a false signal to the Zaon, always a bogus target +/- 200 feet from me. If I shut the transponder off it worked perfect.

The headliner started to bubble last summer and I can't have something that doesn't look right, it will drive me nuts.

So, a bit lighter in the pocket but all will look good and I'll have traffic once again. Oh, the WAAS upgrade will only be shipping the unit out with the new coax and antenna completed.

Steve said...

Don't think I'm not jealous...

On an unrelated note, a friend landed a Sundowner at Stewart today. So... it can be done! :)

Gary said...

I just never landed on my plane. :)