Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Safety Pilot Time

Mike and I swapped text messages this afternoon and decided we would get some flight time in.  I headed home after work to pick up my flight bag and change into something comfortable.

Mary updated me up on the tree service scheduled for tomorrow and with that I thought I was off to the airport. We soon heard chain saws buzzing in the back yard, the crew working up the street decided to do the work today. I hung out until they finished cutting then headed out as my Bride supervised the clean up and payment.
Mike went through the pre-flight, I chatted it up with a co-worker/Op's person. I finally pitched in and sumped the fuel and checked oil.  The forecast called for a clear sky this evening and the AWOS confirmed, our eyeballs noted otherwise.
New area between MXE and KILG
A quick flight to shoot a couple of approaches so Mike could get some left seat time and I could safety pilot. Upon start up we noticed the Garmin 530 was now showing the updated Class Bravo at Philly. My Garmin 496 will need to be updated this evening.
The FAA has published a final rule modifying the Philadelphia Class B airspace area that took effect July 25th. The modified airspace configuration will align with the Washington, D.C., and the extended New York VFR charts.

Mike shot two approaches; GPS 17 and GPS 35 into KEVY along with a hold and a simulated engine out back into Wilmington. Steady approaches, smooth T&G's and all around good flying. We did get a chance to fly through some light rain, just enough to wash the bugs off the windscreen.
The Delaware River to our East
The C&D Canal to the Delaware River
Mike got a chuckle when he noticed me staring out the window checking out all ground movement and backyard pools as he had us in the left down wind for landing one nine.  No, he wasn't under the foggles at this time, we were headed back into Wilmington.  Mike commented that he hated to bother me, I looked like I could keep my mug plastered to the window.  He was right  :)

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