Saturday, August 06, 2016

BFR Scheduled

It's that time again, flight review !

I usually do my flight reviews with Mike B, but he moved north east to bean town. I will miss his unique torture and flying wisdom, he has made me a better pilot over the years.
I now needed to find someone local to the beach. A former coworker from my Millville airport project days is not only a pilot but a CFI. Tim had worked in Op's but since he retired he does some CFI work with the local FBO. I know he and his wife do travel so I was hoping to catch him in the area. I think the last time we talked he was in South Carolina on his way home from Florida.
Friday I scheduled my BFR  with Tim for Saturday at 9 am.  The weather was looking like it would be a scrub, but I held out waiting until this morning at the airport to make the final call.  Of course it was bright and sunny at the hangar, however, the forecast was calling for thunderstorms for my return time.  Immediately my 4th of July diversion and multiple attempts to get in to OXB made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  I checked the Terminal Area Forecast (TAF) and the Model Output Statistics (MOS) and both looked doable. Thinking back OXB was MVFR over the holiday and the local fog and mist had the airport socked in. I wasn't feeling game for trying that again, at least not today.
I sent Tim a text and we agreed that is wasn't worth working that hard today, we'll give it a go next Saturday. I am Mr. works for me.

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