Sunday, October 09, 2016

Maintenance Plans

fresh air duct system
I have been thinking about some added maintenance for this years annual inspection.  Every year I try to do something to update 08Romeo and this year I am going to replace all the black duct with new duct from Custom Ducts.
Black Duct
Corrosion caused by the black duct
I have read many accounts of torn up hands and plenty of Band-Aids required so I approach this with a bit of caution. I have also read excellent reviews of the Custom Duct product. Each unit pre-cut to length and the attach points doubled for a secure fit.
fresh air vents
Since 08Romeo is going to be open for annual the interior will be stripped for control cable inspections and a general clean up. This duct project will require all interior panels to be removed including the recent headliner update. I'll post plenty of pictures through out the process.

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