Monday, January 30, 2017

iPad - User Waypoints

No new doctor reports to share until after February 2nd. Trying to fight off boredom, I dug through some of my files I put together for the Beech Aero Club newsletter detailing some tips and tricks for iPad use with Foreflight.

User Waypoints

How easy is creating a user waypoint? On the iPad with Foreflight, it’s easy peasy!

This is the typical VFR flight. Well it's VFR you say, who needs user waypoints. If you have a Garmin GPS like I do you can add this point from your iPad with ForeFlight, save it, then transfer it with the FlightStream 210 and let your autopilot do its thing. It’s just nice to have a course to follow and keep you out of trouble.
Today the flight is a breakfast run across the Delaware Bay to Millville NJ from my home base in Ocean City MD. It’s cold out there today and the Bay water temps are close to 41° so let’s limit the crossing as short as we can.
We enter the typical VFR flight direct to KMIV (left).  Next with a point and drag I enter a point just off Cape Henlopen, DE (middle) and then just off of Cape May, NJ (right). This jog limits our crossing from 27 miles to 10 miles.  Do you need to do this, no, just fly point to point.  Do I use these two points on all my crossings, yes. I save the point and drag by just entering MY user waypoints that I saved, when I build the route. Another safety note, this route is where the ferry crosses all day and there are many tankers at the mouth of the bay.  All excellent targets to point to IF you have to ditch and can’t make shore with no other outs.
 Save and name the waypoints for future use.
Point to the first waypoint and the replace screen will appear select more. When you select more you have three choices, direct to – add to route –save, select save.  The next screen comes up and you can type in a name, I used CAPEL for Lewes DE and named the other point CAPEM for Cape May, NJ.  At the bottom of the Foreflight screen if you select more and then user waypoints you will see the list of waypoints you have saved.

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