Monday, January 09, 2017

Post Foot Surgery

Day one at home following Surgery...

I'm trying to eat and gain some strength.

Mary drove me home Sunday afternoon, a great job in such crappy weather. My Bride really pulled it all together, making a call to the company that does the plowing, she explained her mission.  The owner agreed to have our driveway cleared and ready for our return.

We made it home and I used a walker to get myself across the garage floor, one with wheels would have saved some work and much needed strength. I managed the first two steps with the walker and ran out of gas. I was beat, hard to believe foot surgery would wipe me out like this. I needed to get up the last step into the wash room and awaiting wheel chair that would take me to our bedroom.  I tried crutches and the walker a few times, I was exhausted, soaked with sweat, and gasping for air. I sat myself down and dragged myself in the doorway but that was it. Thanks to my neighbor Barry, along with the men and women of the Ocean Pines Fire Dept., they got me in the chair and into bed. Yes my Bride is right...I am a hard head.
The pain meds are keeping me ahead of the curve but my appetite is not really there yet. The scooter seems to be the transportation of choice, the walker is hard work and the crutches I thought I would be dancing around on, PFfftt.....I'm not as young as the last time I danced with those sticks.

More reports to follow...I wish it was flights instead.


Geoff Nelson said...

Hoping for a speedy and healthy recovery! Happy New Year!

Gary said...


Thanks for the well wishes!

I sure miss reading about your travels, hope to see some updates in the new year. I hope you and your family enjoyed the Christmas holiday and a happy New Year.

Geoff Nelson said...

We did and the plane was very useful for that! Jacksonville to San Antonio to NW Arkansas and then back home.

I will try to make an honest effort to start posting again. So much to share and looking forward to Spring Break in the Bahamas again, but going to a new Cay! So excited!

Thanks for keeping your blog going. I do enjoy keeping up with your adventures.

Chris said...

Gary - Wishing you a speedy recovery! You'll have that foot back on the rudder pedal again before you know it!

As for Geoff, I've been wondering about you. I'm glad to hear you're still flying!